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Giverny Capital during the COVID-19 crisis

Click here for our contingency plan during the crisis.

Click here for the memo from Francois Rochon on the market correction.


Our mission

Giverny Capital is a registered money management firm that offers private wealth management services.  Our investment philosophy is fundamental analysis with a long-term horizon.

In a secure environment

Client assets are managed through a personal account in their own name at our custodian, National Bank Independent Network (NBIN). Giverny Capital has discretion to trade on client's accounts through our custodian (NBIN) but does not have direct access to clients' assets.


Fundamental analysis and a long term investment horizon

Section of the letters to partners.  The history of investments and the stock selection process are explained in depth. 

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The keys to successful equity investments

Receive an abstract of Giverny Capital's approach to sound equity investing.

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Value investing

Some books we love, Warren Buffett's letters, articles on value investing, etc.

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What's New

2021/05/17 | Interview

Master Series: Francois Rochon

2021/02/17 | Interview

Affordable Quality (PDF 917 KB)

2019/10/08 | Interview

Prudence is owning outstanding companies

2017/04/08 | Article

The Dow at 20,000 and a prediction made 5 years ago

2016/02/16 | Article

Three wealth lessons I learned from Warren Buffett (PDF 373 KB)

2015/04/30 | Interview

"Crème de la Crème" (PDF 996 KB)

2013/04/15 | Interview

Patience as Key to Value-Focused Investing (PDF 258 KB)

2011/08/30 | Article

The Dow Jones at 17 000 in Five Years! (PDF 95 KB)

2010/05/05 | en, activerecord, models, event | Los Angeles

Value Investing Conference

Presentation by François Rochon at the "Value Investor Conference" by Robert P. Miles.

2006/05/10 | en, activerecord, models, event | Los Angeles

The Art of Investing

Presentation of François Rochon at the "Value Investor Conference" by Robert P. Miles